Stacy Luchman, MS, RMHCI14958

Stacy Luchman sees ages 2.5 to 65 years old.  She will not be accepting insurance.  

Stacy’s Bio:

My goal is to help clients see real hope for themselves and their children.  Whatever challenges you may be facing, my goal is to help you understand what is occurring, find solutions, regain control and feel better.

Education and Experience

Stacy completed her Masters in Clinical Mental Health from Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She has a background in Applied Behavioral Analysis in addition to a wide range of experience in art therapy and traditional talk therapy.  Over the years, she has developed a unique combination of interpersonal psychoanalysis, mind-body stimulation and cognitive behavioral techniques, which help Stacy to help her clients.

Prior to her career in mental health, she gained nearly 17 years of experience as a middle school teacher, an early education educator and parent mentor, high school instructor and advocate.  Stacy’s background also included a BA in Biblical Studies and Christian Theology from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL.  When requested, Stacy is able to bring a Christian worldview and spiritual understanding into the therapeutic process.

Focus on Kids and Teens

Specializes in:

            -Behavioral Interventions, Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Positive Parenting Solutions

            and Interpersonal Counseling

Stacy specialized in kids and teens ages 2.5 to 18 years of age.  She often works through play and relational therapy approaches.  She helps children and teens through trauma, depression, anxiety, behaviors due to ASD, adverse behaviors, explosiveness, obsessive compulsive disorders, ADHD, SPD, early exposure to pornography, divorce, grief and separation.  Additionally, Stacy focuses on a family approach that reunites children and teens with their parents or guardians, stressing connection, communication and reconciliation.  Parents are an essential element to the therapeutic process.  Stacy works collaboratively and offers techniques and solutions to integrate at home.

Therapy for Adults

Being an adult can be very difficult.  Taking care of your own mental health is one of the most responsible, beneficial actions you can take to improve your life.  Stacy works with individuals as they transition through life and encounter anxiety, depression, death of a family member or friend, emotional distress due to separation, hypersensitivity, obsessive compulsive disorder, hyperactivity, sex addiction, loss of job, and past trauma.  Stacy also works with couples and multigenerational relationships to see reconciliation and hope.

Stacy’s Approach

Stacy’s approach towards treating her clients is a combination of interpersonal psychotherapy, solution or behavior therapy, and when requested, a spiritual, Christian focus.  She holds family and individual art therapy sessions as well.  She is able to revive her clients from the current positions in their lives through a whole brain, body and spirit approach.  Stacy often explains how the brain stores and the body records our experiences.  We all have the power to rewire how our neurons fire in the brain, giving us the hope that our thinking, behaviors and perspective can change.